Find a list of upcoming meetings below:

Our branch meetings are open to anyone interested in our ideas and take place every Thursday in the Phoenix Community Centre at 8pm. We also hold public meetings with interesting speakers regularly as well.

Thursday 26th JUNE: World Capitalist Crisis – What way forward for workers?

This meeting will hear a report of the discussion at the recent Socialist Party National Committee? As workers around the world face increasing attacks on their standards of living how can we build an alternative. What lessons can be learned from the struggle to win a minimum wage in Seattle, the social explosions in Brazil and the civil war in Ukraine?

Thursday 3rd JULY: The privatisation of Pride, can Profit Deliver Liberation?
Brighton has long been recognised as a centre of LQBTQ rights and Pride is a ‘showpiece’ of the city. However the recent decision to make both the festival and  street party private ‘paid for’ events, coming on top of  cuts to LGBTQ services by the Council, not only introduces a ghettoising ‘tax on being gay’ but attacks the civil liberties of all citizens. 

 How do we fight back? And how can we return to the struggles traditions of Stonewall and the original Gay Liberation movement? Members of the LGBTQ community, especially those involved in Queers against the Cuts and the ‘To Russia With Love’ campaign are welcome at this Socialist Party open forum, along with all Brightonians concerned about the privatisation of our city.

Thursday 10TH JULY: The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – How to build an Alternative to the Politics of Austerity.   
On the day that public sector workers take strike action against cuts and pay austerity, this meeting will discuss how to ensure that there is a growing political alternative to austerity. In particular it will discuss how the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in which the Socialist Party and others including the RMT trade union are involved, can ensure that every voter in Brighton has a chance to vote a socialist alternative in next years elections. Speakers are invited from TUSC, the RMT and Left Unity. 

Thursday 17th July: Iraq 2014, sectarian strife - Imperialism's bloody 

As Iraq is torn apart by a revival of the Shia-Sunni sectarian war, with violent Sunni militant group ISIS seizing large parts of the country, it is important to understand the link between the 2004 US led invasion and today’s events.

Over a decade of war has left Iraq and it’s people broken, with hundreds of thousands dead. What is the alternative to sectarianism, violence and war for ordinary Iraqi’s?

Thursday 24th JULY: Domestic Violence: What is the Socialist Answer?  

As services to women, including rape crisis services and domestic violence units fall victim to cuts and austerity, what lessons can be learned from the successful socialist-led Campaign against Domestic violence in the 1990’s? What is the link between the family and the capitalist state, can we have equal gender roles in the a society based on economic exploitation?