Friday, 29 February 2008

Giving an alternative to capitalist crisis

[First published in the socialist by Andrew Hodgson - issue 522]

The Brighton branch of the Socialist Party held a pubic meeting on 21 February about the state of the world economy, introduced by Lynn Walsh – editor of Socialism Today.

Lynn gave an insightful critique into the crisis facing the global economy. He gave notable examples, such as Northern Rock and the US subprime mortgage disaster, as being symptomatic of the wider problems created by the relatively unfettered capitalist system, and explained the harmful repercussions that this will have on the working class internationally.

Lynn raised the question of nationalisation, making a compelling case for a socialist alternative to manage the global economy, based on democratic public ownership of the major industries controlled by the workers. He contrasted this approach with the failed, undemocratic bureaucracy of the former Soviet Union.

An interesting debate followed with many people at their first meeting buying copies of the socialist and Socialism Today and expressing a keen interest in getting involved with the party. Staging this meeting at a time when the banking crisis is receiving extensive media coverage no doubt struck a chord amongst ordinary people and helped to ensure a good turnout.