Monday, 2 February 2009

Say no to youth unemployment: join Youth Fight For Jobs!

Fight for a future
On 2 April the G20 - the leaders of the world's 20 major world powers - will be meeting in Watford. Young people and trade unionists will be marching from central London to meet them - demanding a future. If you would like to join the march, and if your trade union branch would like to support it, go to

Youth fight for jobs conference
The March for Jobs will be followed by a conference, on Saturday 4 April in London, to launch Youth Fight for Jobs. We are appealing to trade unions and youth organisations to send delegates. Every young person who wants to fight on this issue should come along. If you don't want to see young people thrown on the scrapheap - join Youth Fight for Jobs.

We call on the TUC to build a campaign against the looming catastrophe of unemployment. To combat unemployment the TUC should campaign for:

  • Opposition to all job cuts. Share out the work without loss of pay.
  • Instead of bailing out the banks with billions of tax payers' money the government should nationalise the whole of the banking and finance system under full public control.
  • Any company that declares redundancies or plant closures should be nationalised and taken into public ownership.
  • Companies threatening job cuts and closures should be forced to open their books to trade union scrutiny to see where the profits have gone.
  • An end to 'concession bargaining' with the employers.
  • A vigorous defence of wages and conditions.

The TUC should organise a national demonstration on this programme as soon as possible and support the youth march for jobs.

We are fighting for:

  • The right to a decent job for all, with a living wage of at least £8 an hour.
  • No to cheap labour apprenticeships! All apprentices to be paid at least the minimum wage, with a guaranteed job at the end.
  • No to university fees, support the campaign to defeat fees.