Monday, 3 August 2009

Join the Vestas demonstrations!

Tomorrow at 9.30am there will be another demonstration outside the courts as the Vestas bosses try once again to evict the heroic workers. If you can make it to the protest get in touch with us via for directions and /or assistance.

If you can't make the demonstration and you're in Brighton tomorrow come along and help with the mass leafletting/collection at 5.30pm, Tuesday evening at Brighton Station to help spread word of the battle and build support.

A Brighton Vestas support group is being set up with the first proper meeting on Wednesday at 7pm at the Cowley Club. Everyone is welcome to get involved.

Finally, the morale of the Vestas workers inside the factory is buoyed up with every message of support. So please continue to send your messages of solidarity to the details below:

Messages of support to:,
text: 07980 703115