Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Join the trade union-led demostration this Sunday 27 September against the New Labour Party as it gathers for its conference in Brighton.

The Socialist Party and the Youth Fight For Jobs campaign will join the rally and march with a lively and vocal contingent to display the massive anger at New Labour's failure in supporting capitalism and big business instead of the millions of unemployed youth and working people who've been left at the mercy of the recession.

As the level of joblosses grow and the impact of this crisis of capitalism is heaped further and further on young people the working class with cuts, cuts and more cuts, it becomes more and more urgent that an organised fighting campaign is built to demand an end to being thrown on the scrap pile and for decent jobs and a decent future for all. Get organised and come tell New Labour what we want!

Assemble 12.30pm Madeira Drive, Brighton