Saturday, 28 August 2010

Oppose the divisive ENA

Help to build a real political alternative for ALL working class people against racism and cuts!

The ENA is a fringe group on the far-right which expresses a combination of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Trade Union, and anti-Left-wing views. Their website refers to mosques of 'terror and doom' and call to 'force out these bastards coz we aint got the room' before telling readers to pick up arms and fight. The website attacks leading trade unionists for their support of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) at the general election, describing them as being 'anti-English'.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
The Socialist Party were leading supporters of TUSC at the general election. Together with TUSC we stood on a platform of no to the cuts of the mainstream parties and for working-class rights to public services and decent jobs. TUSC made it clear that ordinary people shouldn't pay the cost of the economic crisis caused by the bankers and bosses. In fact, by sowing division and racial tension, groups like ENA harm ordinary working-class people. They muddy the waters and scapegoat minorities instead of focussing on the real sources of our worries; the recession brought on by the greed of the banks, big businesses and ALL mainstream politicians.

Cuts Cuts Cuts!
Along with the housing crisis and rising unemployment, public services are under threat, along with pensions, pay and working conditions. These cuts are being presented as necessary to 'solve' the economic crisis. This crisis however was caused by bankers and big businesses, and the governments that encouraged their profligacy - not by ordinary people. In this situation the far right seeks to scapegoat sections of our society in order to deflect from the underlying crisis. But the cause of our problems is not immigrants, Islam or trade union resistance to the cuts.

Unity Against Racism and the Recession
Uniting against the ENA and their divisive views is important, but building a real political alternative for all working people would help to extinguish the conditions in which racist ideas can exist.

The failure of the main three capitalist parties to defend ordinary people, including the utter betrayal of the Labour Party which has now jumped into bed with the bankers and big business, is becoming clearer as cuts to working class jobs and communities mount up.

The creation of a new workers' party would unite ALL people and would be a massive step towards preventing cuts to jobs and public services and ending this system which helps groups like the ENA grow. Unity is our strength when it comes to defending our jobs and communities from attack and we will not let racist politics divide us.

Check out the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition group and the Campaign for a New Workers' Party campaign for more information.

Come along to our Socialist Party Meeting: What is fascism and how do we defeat it Q&A, 8.15pm Thursday 2 September at the Phoenix Commnity Centre, Brighton.