Sunday, 3 October 2010

Cuts: Do we have no choice? Fighting the cuts in Britain and Greece

Join us at 7pm Friday 8 October
at the Phoenix Community Centre, Phoenix Place, Brighton

Massive cuts in public services loom over Britain. The government wants to make 25-40% cuts in public services. They are being told to do this by the very financial markets that caused this mess, and continue to enrich themselve...s at our expense. However not a whisper has been made in protest at this by any of the main parties! Labour councils in Britain are implementing Tory/Liberal cuts saying they have no choice.

If they were against the cuts they would refuse to make them, instead they just apologise for doing so, and promise they will be different in office if elected again. We, on the other hand, say that councillors must refuse to make these cuts. They must not pass any cuts budgets, and should campaign to plug the gap in public spending handed to them by the Government.

Across Europe governments are using the financial crisis caused by the banking sector as an excuse to slash public services and lower workers living standards. Greece has been at the forefront of those attacks and has seen the most active resistance amongst ordinary working people who refuse to pay the debts of capitalism. There is much anti-cuts campaigners can learn from the actions in Greece and unions joining up across Europe is going to vital in every country. Mitsos Helaris will be speaking on the Greek movement and the growing international resistance to the bankers crisis.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stood in the General Election pledging to, if elected, refuse to make the cuts. Our candidate, Dave Hill, pledged to take only the average workers' wage, not the huge salaries other MPs take without flinching! The Socialist Party and Socialist Resistance, key supporters of TUSC, are hosting this meeting.

Do we have no choice but to make the cuts? Do councillors have the choice to resist them? If no party pledges to do so, can we build a party of the working-class that will?