Thursday, 17 March 2011

Public Meeting: The Socialist Alternative - After the 26th March

28 March · 19:00 - 21:00

Phoenix Community Centre (downstairs)

For the first time in decades the TUC has called a national demonstration on the 26th March. Hopefully it will bring a step change in the anti-cuts movement, drawing in the strength of the organised working-class.

This meeting, called by the Brighton and Hove Socialist Party, will be a follow up to the demo and will be a chance to share experiences of the demo itself. It will also ask; how can we build the anti-cuts movement? Wha...t are the... next steps necessary to make the most of this demo and to build a fightback capable of stopping the government?

One of the key demands the Socialist Party will be putting forward on the demo is for trade unions to co-ordinate strike action for maximum effect, and to call a 24hour public sector strike against the many attacks faced by public sector workers. This should be a step towards a general strike in Britain. At the meeting we will be discussing the prospect of such action taking place, and if it did what it would mean for British society and the fightback against the cuts.

Links have to be built with service users, students, pensioners and the unemployed. We will be looking at the anti-Poll Tax campaign, where 18million people organised and refused to pay an unfair tax, and the lessons it holds for today in terms of mass, democratic direct action, linked to the general fightback.

And finally, we will be making the case for socialism. The top 10% in Britain today own 44% of the wealth. The bottom 10%, not only don't own any wealth, they're £500 million in debt! Any society, whoever runs it, that allows billions to be paid in bonuses to the people who caused this crisis, while slashing public services and jobs, is sick and needs to be replaced. We think its replacement should be a democratic socialist society, where the economy is run according to people's needs, not according to whether someone can make a profit or not.

Public Meeting - All Welcome!

Speaker(s) to be confirmed, with plenty of time for discussion and debate from the floor

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