Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Prime Minister Cameron’s Euro move shows government’s weakness

Conservatives speak for rich, not workers

Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) General Secretary

David Cameron, the conservative British Prime Minister, was stoutly defending the "nation". This is what he claimed after he was humiliatingly defeated by 26 votes to one at the 9 December EU summit and withdrew from participating in discussions over a new EU treaty. Which nation?

Benjamin Disraeli, a former British Prime Minister, spoke of "two nations" in 19th century Britain. And Cameron and the Con-Dem coalition have done everything to recreate a similarly horrific, only worse, situation in 21st century Britain.

It was not the legions of unemployed - one million young people, one million women - nor the 200 people who will die each day this winter from cold and other preventable causes who have been helped or strengthened by Cameron’s ’brave’ stand.

Nor will it be the children and families mired in poverty, suffering cuts in benefits or living in catastrophic housing conditions that will be raised up by his actions.

Neither will it be the 700,000 public sector workers whose jobs will be destroyed at the end of chancellor Osborne’s jobs butchery who will rejoice at the prime minister’s Brussels posture.

No - it was the spivs, racketeers and banksters of the City of London in whose interests he was acting.

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