Wednesday, 1 February 2012

For an independent Left challenge in Presidential elections

Fight Against Corporate Politics

Bryan Koulouris, Socialist Alternative (CWI in US)

With tens of millions out of work, facing foreclosures or desperately trying to keep their head above water, and disgust at the two corporate parties is at record levels; how should progressive-thinking workers and the left approach this election?

2011 was a groundbreaking year. The Occupy movement gave voice to the massive anger at the super-rich and big banks that inspired many across the country to get active for the first time against corporate domination. Polls show that the Occupy movement is twice as popular as the Tea Party and more popular than the President. Congress’s approval ratings languish at a dismal 9 %!

The 2012 elections offer huge opportunities and challenges for the left – progressive, anti-corporate, pro-worker activists – and the labor movement. If the left and the labor movement grasp this opportunity they could become the main opposition to the ruling elites, exposing the Tea Party’s fake “anti-establishment” rhetoric.

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Video of Bryan Koulouris speaking in London on the crisis in America (click here for video)