Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Public Meeting: Europe in Revolt Against Austerity - 20th June

France & Greece:
AUSTERITY is socialism back on the agenda?

Elections across Europe have sounded a clear message: ‘No to austerity’. In just over a year ten governments in the Eurozone have been kicked out as the opposition to unrelenting cuts grows. Parties of the left and also, dangerously, parties of the far-right have made electoral gains. Most recently the people of Greece and France have made clear that they do not accept the lie that there is no alternative to cuts. Here in Britain, too, a majority of those that voted used the local elections to punish the Con-Dem government.

Alongside revolt at the ballot box, general strikes, occupations and mass protests are sweeping Europe. Greece has had 17 general strikes in two years, and Spain and Italy are catching up. In Britain in 2011 we had the biggest single day of strike action since 1926 against cuts in pensions and, despite the attempts of some trade union leaders to derail the movement, the struggle for a living pension continues. The TUC have called a national demonstration against austerity on 20th October.

But how can we stop the cuts? Is democratic socialism the alternative to endless austerity and, if so, how can we bring it about? Come to our public meeting to discuss the lessons of Greece and France. Join the battle to stop the cuts in Britain and the struggle build a society in the interests of the 99%.
7:30 PM Phoenix Community Centre
 (2 Phoenix Place, Brighton BN2 9ND, close to St Peters’ church)

For more details:  Phone us on 07894 716095, email: info.bhsp@gmail.com, or visit our website www.brightonhovesocialistparty.blogspot.com