Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lobby the council! Stop the cuts!

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Lobby full council meeting
3.30pm Thursday 21 October
Hove Town Hall

Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition is building a united fight back against the cuts agenda with a wave of protests, lobbies and demonstrations over the next 10 days.

Organised by trade union branches affiliated to Brighton trades council - representing over 10,000 workers in the city - alongside community campaigners and political activists, the Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition is a force that has the potental to grow and link up with others to stop all of these unjustified cuts to jobs and public services.

Today, Wednesday October 20, Con-Dem chancellor George Osborne is set to announce the harshest cuts to public services and jobs ever made. The budget deficit created by bailing out the greed of the city and bankers is being used as an exuse by capitalists and the rich to secure ever more massive profits at the expense of our society's poorest and lowest paid by attacking the progressive achievements made by generations of trade unionists, socialists and working class campaigners. Click here to read on...